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Curing Food Allergies or False Hope – Our Journey continues…Part 3

Thursday, December 15th, 2011
Steve Rosenbaum is the founder of Saturday was very similar to the week before, however the children were much more accepting of the treatment, whereas last week they did not know that all they had to do was lie down and feel some slight pressure on their face, sides and feet. I, on the other hand am now also going to join in on this experience and tackle my ailments (asthma, lactose etc…). My treatments will begin in a couple weeks and I will continue to share my personal experiences. As for my kids, here are some photo’s of the experience. Next week is the last week for the their first allergens (Sesame for my oldest, Peanut for my younger guy). My oldest will then move on to treating Peanut, while the my younger boy will treat for Tree Nuts. A two-week break is required in between allergens to allow the body to adjust. I have also gathered more specific information about BioEnergetic Intolerance Elimination and will include later this week (forgot them at home and I'm on the road). This is very exciting and we are so glad to bring this information to you as we experience it. Next week…good-bye Sesame, good-bye Peanut…(we hope!)

Gentle Pressure

The electrical machine with the metal tray

Our "doctor"...or Quack as she calls herself ;-)

The allergens sit on the metal tray

Curing Food Allergies or False Hope – Our Journey Begins…Part 2

Friday, December 9th, 2011
By Steve Rosenbaum, President of The next day after my muscle test, my father-in-law tells me of a great way to cure food allergies. He talks about energy, muscle tests and how you reset the body to accept the allergen etc… For 6 months, we did nothing, either too busy or too skeptical. On Saturday that all changed. We took our boys to this small office and began to understand the process even further. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO INGESTION OF ANY ALLERGEN OR ANY FOOD AT ALL! This was the first point explained to us once again. The practitioner called herself a Quack! She understood that Western medicine is much easier for us to understand. When talking about energy, flow and meridians, most people think this is NUTS! Step 1: A Bottle of YOUR Allergen The practitioner took a glass jar of our allergen (Sesame) and put it on the electrical machine’s tray. She then took a tube filled with Sesame oil and placed it on the tray. Nothing was ever released out of the bottle or tube. They just sat their on a metal tray attached to this electrical current machine. Step 2: Gentle Electrical Pulses She explained that the same acupuncture pressure points that are used in acupuncture are the areas she also focuses on with her electrical impulse machine. She just touches the end of this metal wand, gently on these points of our body while we hold a metal rod in our hand. The treatment lasts 15 minutes and we require 3 treatments to cure each allergy. Some allergies like Tree Nuts can be combined (ie. Almond, cashew and pistachio) while others like Peanut or Sesame cannot be combined for us as they are most severe and we should focus on each individually. We would then need to wait at least a year for the body to rid itself of the IgE antibodies, visit the allergist and test for the allergy – it sounded so crazy…could it actually be true? No more allergies…Don’t go their yet – I said to myself quietly! The First Treatment: Our older son went first, while the younger one sat there VERY concerned. He lay down on a massage table on his back. He held the metal rod in his left hand. The practitioner turned on the machine and began to touch his facial points. It tickled a bit but didn’t hurt at all and he was done in a jiffy! My other son took more convincing but again the same process occurred but for his Peanut allergy first, as he isn’t allergic to sesame. No lingering effects after the treatment, except one… We did the muscle test on both boys before and after the treatment. Before the treatment, we could easily separate their fingers. After the treatment it was much more difficult, both times they were holding the allergens (in jars) in their hands close to their chest. The bodies energy was not weakened by the allergen after the treatment….Hmmmm? That was week one! Next Week: Treatment 2 with pictures!

Curing Food Allergies or False Hope – Our Journey Begins…

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011
By Steve Rosenbaum, President of We have two children severely allergic to peanuts, tree nuts and sesame. Our hopes for a cure began this past Saturday…for the next year, we will share with you our journey into the unknown…curing my children’s food allergies. Six months ago, I was at a health food store and one of the staff members performed a “muscle test” to show that I was not going get an upset stomach due to my lactose intolerance from my desired purchase of a Whey Protein powder where other brands of whey protein normally cause symptoms. For most of us, a Muscle Test sounds more like a fitness test than anything to do with allergies. Here is what a muscle test is…and I do apologize if I don’t get it 100% accurate. Every object in our universe is made up of energy (protons, neutrons and electrons), and as a result, every object has an energy frequency. For example, colors of clothing or fabric, have different frequencies that reflect light to create a specific color. Peanuts, Tree Nuts and my Whey protein also have a specific frequency or energy that when held close to your body (ie against your chest), join your body’s natural energy frequency. Objects that your body’s energy rejects will disrupt your energy flow and make you weaker. Objects that your body’s energy accepts will keep your energy whole and you remain strong. When I held the bottle of protein, my body remained strong. When I was given another item (I can’t remember what it was), but it was clearly not good for me (and they knew this)…I became weaker. The test of strength was to separate two fingers (your thumb and finger next to your pinky). While holding the tips of these two fingers tight, if someone can easily open them apart, you are holding something that weakens you. If you remain strong and firm, the object is accepted by your body. Needless to say, I have been enjoying my Whey Protein daily ever since… Next Blog: The bigger challenge – my children’s allergies!  Pictures to come...

Dine IN over the holidays and give yourself a break!

Monday, December 5th, 2011
  Having friends and family over during the holiday season? We just finished a take-out dinner for 12 from one of our preferred restaurants – Canyon Creek in Vaughan ON and the food was safe, tasty and with no work on our part. The cost was similar to cooking it your self and had no clean up. Having severe food allergies can limit your social activities. By having our friends over for dinner, the younger kids could play while the adults talked. No worry about waiters, noisy ambience etc… Each person had an individually wrapped meal and we all shared the fries!  We ordered early (3pm) and picked up the food at 5.  Canyon Creek baked the french fries, grilled steaks on silver foil and prepared the pastas in a fresh pot of water.  Thanks Canyon Creek! Over the Holidays, give yourself a break and take-out from your favorite restaurant.