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First results are in...very early though

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

The electrical machine with the metal tray

Food allergy treatment update. So taking a squeamish 6 year old for these treatments can be a challenge. We continued to treat him for peanuts 2 weeks ago. Today he is was also treated for molds, dust and other household sensitivities to allow his immune system to focus on the peanut allergy recovery. By eliminating other immune system issues, he will be stronger, have less mucus and be well on his way to the ultimate goal of an allergy cure. For my older son, his immune system showed further issues too. He still faced some eczema on his face that we decided to treat today, as his treatment for dairy 2 weeks ago didn't improve his eczema. Eggs, citrus and tomatoes were on his list as treatments today. We will get to his other severe allergy, peanut, next time. The great news was that he didn’t get weakened by sesame when we muscle tested him...only 11 months to go before we really test him with blood work. For myself, I can't eat soy, coffee, chocolate, corn or barley for 3 days until my immune system accepts the information to not respond to these sensitivities...this experience is so enlightening. I am allowed to have all dairy! From being lactose intolerant for 24 I can have any dairy...I’m nervous and curious. I'll report my findings soon. More updates to come...