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Passover Foods and food allergies

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012
After lengthy interviews with Streits and Manischewitz, here is a list of foods that they are claiming are peanut, tree nut and sesame free (all other allergens have not been considered).  READ THE LABEL EVERY TIME. FOR STREITS:  ALL FOODS BELOW MUST HAVE EXPIRATION DATE OF 2013 OR LATER (NOT 2012, as they prepared a Muesli cereal with almonds in the facility in previous years). All foods NOT listed here made by Streits for Passover are either made by third parties or in Israel or other countries that we did not feel comfortable using. MATZO & MATZO MEAL Matzo 5 lb. Matzo 1 lb. Matzo 1 lb. - 18 minute Egg Matzo Whole Wheat Spelt Passover Matzo Organic Matzo Whole Wheat Matzo Meal 1 lb. Whole Wheat Matzo Farfel Spelt Matzo Meal Schmura Matzo Meal 1 lb. Meal 2 lb. Farfel 1 lb. Cake Meal   POTATO PRODUCTS Low Sodium Potato Pancake Mix Potato Pancake Mix (Two 3oz. Bags) Vegetable Potato Pancake Mix (2 3oz. Bags) Potato Kugel Potato Starch Instant Mashed Potato Mix (Parve) Instant Mashed Potato with Garlic Mix (Parve) Kishka Vegetable Quiche Macaroni and Cheese   COATING & STUFFING MIX Bag n' Bake Bag n' Bake - Honey Bag n' Bake - Barbecue Stuffing Mix Whole Wheat Stuffing Mix Savory Herb Stuffing Mix   SOUP MIXES & SOUP BASES Potato Dumplings with Vegetable Soup Whole Wheat Matzo Ball and Onion Soup Matzo Ball Soup Mix Matzo Ball Only Matzo Ball Soup Low Sodium Whole Wheat Matzo Ball Mix   CAKE MIXES Sponge Cake Mix Honey Cake Mix Chocolate Cake Mix/Pan Coffee Cake Mix/Pan Chocolate Chip Loaf Cake Mix Choc. Chip Crumb Cake Mix Chocolate Brownie Cake Mix/Pan Chocolate Cupcake Vanilla Cupcake Blueberry Muffin Griddle Mix Blueberry Griddle Mix Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix Fudge Cookie Mix   ALL NATURAL CAKE MIXES Chocolate Fudge Brownie Honey Coffee     FOR MANISCHEWITZ:  We only will considered the items NOT crossed out.  We provide some explanation as to why we cross out or had further explanation. For example, the Matzo production line uses Sesame for the Tam Tams during non-passover, but the last time they ran this product was last May and the machines were thoroughly cleaned but not tested for proteins.  Any of the Matzoh line products could have been produced just after that May sesame run, as the shelf life of many of these products is 2 years, and therefore would be considered "produced on a line that has Sesame". Kosher For Passover and All Year Round Matzo Ball Mix – no nuts, sesame – use common mixer with Almonds. Matzo Ball & Soup Mix – use common mixer with Almonds Matzo Meal -  Matzoh line (sesame on the line during regular year – last May) Matzo Farfel – matzoh line (sesame on the line during regular year – last May) Potato Kugel Mix – use common mixer with Almonds Potato Pancake Mix   - – use common mixer with Almonds Potato Starch – denmark – only make PS Tomato & Mushroom Sauce – – spices use common mixer with Almonds   Kosher for Passover Salt - approved Grape Juice – outsourced – should be good Potato Chips – SAFE Cake Mixes (All) – – use common mixer with Almonds Horseradish (All) – SAFE Matzo Crackers (All) – matzoh line – sesame Matzo (All) – matzo line – sesame months ago Muffin Mixes (All) – – use common mixer with Almonds Pancake Mixes – use common mixer with Almonds Tam Tams (All) – on line with sesame (6 months ago) Tiny Tams (All) – on line with sesame (6 months ago)   Notes: The above products are peanut & nut free and made on a peanut and nut free production line. - Passover cereals are made in a plant that is cleaned for Passover when nuts are not used, but nuts are used in the plant the rest of the year. - Nuts are used in our Passover Macaroons And Cookies.