Curing Food Allergies or False Hope – Our Journey continues…Part 3

Steve Rosenbaum is the founder of Saturday was very similar to the week before, however the children were much more accepting of the treatment, whereas last week they did not know that all they had to do was lie down and feel some slight pressure on their face, sides and feet. I, on the other hand am now also going to join in on this experience and tackle my ailments (asthma, lactose etc…). My treatments will begin in a couple weeks and I will continue to share my personal experiences. As for my kids, here are some photo’s of the experience. Next week is the last week for the their first allergens (Sesame for my oldest, Peanut for my younger guy). My oldest will then move on to treating Peanut, while the my younger boy will treat for Tree Nuts. A two-week break is required in between allergens to allow the body to adjust. I have also gathered more specific information about BioEnergetic Intolerance Elimination and will include later this week (forgot them at home and I'm on the road). This is very exciting and we are so glad to bring this information to you as we experience it. Next week…good-bye Sesame, good-bye Peanut…(we hope!)

Gentle Pressure

The electrical machine with the metal tray

Our "doctor"...or Quack as she calls herself ;-)

The allergens sit on the metal tray

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